Selected Journalism

Selected Journalism


Puget Sound Business Journal

"High Profile Accidents Turn Spotlight On Construction Industry," Puget Sound Business Journal, 3/26/07

"Aftermath of the Fall," Puget Sound Business Journal, 3/26/07

"Next LEED Goal? There goes the neighborhood!" Puget Sound Business Journal, 6/18/07

"Efficiency: Made in the shade," Puget Sound Business Journal, 6/18/07

"9 state neighborhoods officially going 'green,'" Puget Sound Business Journal, 9/24/07


Daily Journal of Commerce

"WSU’s Paccar building houses 5 R&D labs," Daily Journal of Commerce, 11/19/15

"WSU technology lab combines work with show," Daily Journal of Commerce, 8/28/14

"Stone34 to put its deep green bona fides to the test," Daily Journal of Commerce, 2/27/14


Metropolis Magazine

"Architectural Storytelling vs. Public Relations," Metropolis POV, 2/28/12


Arcade Magazine

"Travelogue Detroit: Notes on the Open Source City," Arcade Magazine, 1/2/13

"Capital/Capitol: Crowd Funded Real Estate is Here," Arcade Magazine, 6/17/14


national Construction industry journals

"Seattle Sculpture Park Job Resembles Obstacle Course," Engineering News-Record, 11/20/06

"Seattle Earthwork Reaches New Environmental Heights," Engineering News-Record, 10/16/06

"Tacoma Narrows Bridge Decks Are Lifted Into Place," Engineering News-Record, 12/18/06

"Washington State Establishes Puget Sound Cleanup Agency," Engineering News-Record, 5/2/07

"Elwha River Dam Removals Move Step Closer With Permit," Engineering News-Record, 3/19/07

"Contractor Appeals Charge in Stalled Oregon Highway Job," Engineering News-Record, 9/26/07

"Hidden Landslides to Halt Oregon Design-Build Job," Engineering News-Record, 7/25/07

"New York City Adapts to Labor Challenge," Engineering News-Record, 9/4/06

"Gates Foundation's New Headquarters Drives Concern over Seattle's Traffic Woes," Architectural Record, 2/8/07

"Bronx Renaissance: Big and small projects signal a strong development harvest," New York Construction, Oct 2006

"Software Upgrade: Industry on verge of major evolution in design tools with BIM," New York Construction, Jul 2007

"Connecticut Resurgence: Urban areas in midst of new housing construction push," New York Construction, Jan 2006

"Highrise Newcomers: Suburban residential developers tackle urban infill projects," New York Construction, Jan 2007

"Sideways Skyscraper: Suburban developer adds a new urban residential tower," New York Construction, Aug 2006

"Obstacle Course: Sizing up the top 10 hurdles builders face in New York City," New York Construction, Jun 2007

"Queens West: Major waterfront development poised to advance after many snags," New York Construction, Oct 2005

"Intricate Detour: Outboard roadway helps FDR rehab wrap up on schedule," New York Construction, May 2007

"Downtown Residential: Housing projects are living large in Lower Manhattan," New York Construction, Sep 2006

"Long Road: Williamsburg Bridge rehab epic close to end," New York Construction, Oct 2006

"Concrete Innovation: Concrete at the Olympic Sculpture Park," Northwest Construction, January 2007

"Design-Build Aspects of WSDOT Projects," Northwest Construction, May 2007

"Sustainable Housing Design Hits Mainstream At Local Resorts," Northwest Construction, February 2007

"Universities Try Variety of Funding Types," Northwest Construction, August 2006

"Golf Contractors Tee Up," Northwest Construction, February 2006

"Sustainable Neighborhoods: Building a sustainable lifestyle," GreenSmart, May 2007

"OHSU Center for Health and Healing," GreenSmart, May 2007


Northwest Film Forum

"Detropia's Urban Paradox," Hot Splice, 10/30/12



"Cremaster Rising: Matt Wallin's doc-in-progress of The Cremaster Cycle shows no fear," On Screen Magazine, Spring/Summer 2008

"Life on the Edge: Great Speeches From A Dying World brings new emotion and depth to the problem of homelessness, from a filmmaker who believes there is more to a documentary than journalism," On Screen Magazine, Spring/Summer 2008

"Anatomy of a Scene: Seattle choreographers discover the seductive freedom of dancing for the camera," On Screen Magazine, Winter 2008

"Visual Jazz: Rise of the VJ," On Screen Magazine, Fall 2007

"Most Favored Son: Kurt Cobain About A Son recreates the eyes and ears of a tragic hero," On Screen Magazine, Fall 2007

"Smells Like Auteur Spirit: Seattle's breakthrough filmmaking scene," On Screen Magazine, Summer 2007


SSG Music

"FAC. Dance 02: Factory Records Rarities 1980-1987," SSG Music, 10/2/12

"Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Mature Themes," SSG Music, 9/6/12

"Sugar - File Under: Easy Listening," SSG Music, 8/6/12

"Elisa Luu - Un Giorno Sospeso," SSG Music, 7/9/12

"Dent May - Do Things," SSG Music, 6/13/12

"Preteen Zenith - Rubble Eye & BB Guts," SSG Music, 5/31/12

"Bear in Heaven - I Love You, It's Cool," SSG Music, 5/2/12

"The Golden Bears - Write It Like You Find It," SSG Music, 3/29/12

"Robert Turman - Flux," SSG Music, 3/23/12


The L Magazine new york

"Taxi Cab Confessions," The L Magazine, February 2004


Block Magazine New York

"Greenpoint Oil Spill Part III: The Lawsuit -- The Residents of Hausman Street Speak" Block Magazine, Oct 27 06

"Representing Greenpoint: The lawsuits against Exxon Mobil," Block Magazine, Feb 13 07

"And Yet Another Greenpoint Oil Spill Lawsuit," Block Magazine, Apr 7 07

"The Spill Continued... Groundwater and Exxon's new local spokesman," Block Magazine, May 12 07

"The Roebling Oil Field," Block Magazine, 7/20/07


NPR Science Friday with Ira Flatow

"Hour Two: Urban Ecology," Talk of the Nation: Science Friday, 6/27/03

"Hour One: Science News Roundup," Talk of the Nation: Science Friday, 7/11/03

"Hour Two: Medical Marijuana," Talk of the Nation: Science Friday, 7/18/03

"Hour Two: Science Stranger than Fiction," Talk of the Nation: Science Friday, 7/25/03


Earth & Sky Radio Program

"Fair is Fair: Monkeys Reject Unequal Pay," Earth & Sky, 4/15/04

"Urban Ecology," Earth & Sky, 3/10/04

"Mole Rat Compass," Earth & Sky, 5/5/04