What is Post Occupancy Media?

Post Occupancy Media LLC is a media communications and business development company comprised of Creative Director Adrian MacDonald and a loose network of freelancers focused on social impact and urban development work. Based at the Impact Hub Seattle coworking space in Pioneer Square, Adrian provides short- and long-term brand strategy, multi-media production, graphic design, web development, copywriting, and social media services for a variety of firms and non-profits, while developing independent documentary journalism work focused on urban infrastructure and social change. A forthcoming web video series, State of Emergency, follows the story of Seattle's community of low income housing and homeless shelter providers as they cope with the fallout from the nation's fastest rising rents and home prices. 

Adrian is always glad to meet for coffee to talk about the gig economy, rapid rehousing, tiny homes, LAMP vs. MERN stacks, polyrhythmic patterns of public space, aspirational podcast studios, robot-assisted cooking, 1-year old toddlers, micro four-thirds low-light performance, sustainability reporting, and whatever else might be kicking around. If you want to talk business, rates are usually $70/hr for one-time brand packages and $50/hr for monthly contracts. Get in touch at adrian@postoccupancy.com.