Week 2 Essay

Rafaƫl Rozendaal: Websites

I loved these simple websites, each one functioning as an art piece that plays with interactivity in a simple abstract way. The visual effects are expressive of the web as a unique medium, using projected RGB color space, and simple forms that can be generated from short pieces of code. At the same time, the artist has made use of the forward-looking aspects of the HTML5 standard, with responsive design that fills the browser window regardless of size or device, and use of the <canvas> element. Notneverno.com is an example of a site that works wellThe websites are completely public, so another question is how they might be 'owned' by collectors or museums, or if these operate more like a personal blog.

Lord Howe Island

Similar to the spirit of Rozendaal's site, I appreciated the Parallelograms project as a hybrid magazine / gallery of online pieces. Lord Howe Island stood out for me -- as a freelance web designer I have frequently looked through 'marketing brochure' type sites and templates. On this site, I immediately respond to the subverted marketing boilerplate and enjoyed being taken further and further into the mind-bending weirdness of web copy and images that could only ever appeal to an audience of cerebral art-adventurers. I like how it comments on the 'existential' quality of tourism vacations in an amped up way.